Hello and welcome to lfeed.so! Finally managed to get the time sort out the design and some of the features, but there is still loads more to come! I will be putting up an ‘About’ page as soon as I get the chance, until then you can follow me on twitter @apjone or on Google+.

I guess I have to give a shout out to TeamGB who are currently 3rd in the Olympic medals table! Great work guys and girls! Proud to see the effort they are putting in. Also a big shout to everyone working at the Games, so far bar a couple of technical issues it has been a great event.

Got to laugh, I am actually writing this post in HTML in Open Office Writer as to ensure my spelling is correct, my custom.dic has the entire HTML tag library in it now! Hoping to get a few regular features on the go with this blog section of lfeed.so such as round ups of the current tech news, tutorials and reviews. For now though you can check out our Nagios Monitoring Service or our Shortlink service with QR Codes.

Well that is all for now, but please check back soon! And as ever to keep up with the latest things I am working on you can check out my twitter or G+ !

Thanks, Tony!