The Nights Get Darker………….

Evening all, from a dark and dreary Liverpool. It’s now mid October and the nights have started to close in and weather is getting wetter (if that is possible in the UK). I have managed to give myself a kick up the backside and get this post written, must get into the habit of dumping my brain to disk more often!

Anyway although not actually blogging as of late, I have been more active on twitter. If you wish you can follow me at @apjone. As well as tweeting on what comes to mind I have also been helping out my good friend Nick get his website sorted. If you live in North Wales or North West England and are looking for a Photographer or Graphic designer you should check out Nicks website.

Apart from the long hours spent in the office I have also managed to get to the first day of BarCamp Liverpool which is a ‘Participant Lead Unconferences’ which was really interesting. As well as being the main sponsors for the event Google also sent a couple of good guys round to give some talks on the Google Developer Groups as well as plans for the Google Chrome API. Unfortunately I was only able to attended the first day but from the tweets I saw the second day was just as awesome.

On the computing side I finally got around to installing Linux on my AlienWare laptop. In the end I went for Mint XFCE, unfortunately with it having two graphics cards only the Intel one is being detected which is a known issue with Linux. Hopefully when I get some time this weekend I will be able to look into this and also the AlienFX for changing the keyboard back light. Once these are sorted then I will probably end up spending most of the time in Linux and only dropping back to Win7 for games until Steam hits the Linux repo’s.

That is it for now! If you feel chatty then drop a comment below or tweet @apjone.