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Hey all, another quick update! Been busy with work so have not had much time to do any articles or blogs lately and looks like it is going to get more hectic. Have managed to change it up a bit on here though! Gone are the adverts from Google, they were not making much cash and really did not server much purpose. Also changed the theme to the default WordPress 3.5.1 theme as it is clean and fits mobile devices very nicely.

Apart from that have been helping my good friend Nick get his website re-branded to Monster Editing by sorting out his DNS, Mail and hacking a bit of css.

Looking forward to Linux Outlaws Live (or LOL) on February 17th in Liverpool, if you are about then you should check out the website and get your ticket!

Linux Outlaws

Next time I should have a review of the Devil May Cry reboot, currently playing through the story mode. The “new” Dante is different, his attitude is abrasive and is taking some time to get use to, he is like an angry Nero ( DMC4 ) but a bit more foul mouthed. Only half way through but the story so far has grabbed me as good as any other DMC game/anime. Also the fast switching weapon system takes some getting used to but certainly adds an extra edge to action.


Stay safe until next time! Tony.