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Learning Android development

In the past I have played a bit with android and done single page static applications but want to make something more useful so here I go again trying to learn a bit of Java and the Android SDK / Development tools. The problem is I always start none work related development projects and they just end up sat there in a repo and never get anywhere. The problem is either I end up reading allot of theory on how to do stuff and never have the time or will to carry it to an end product or work just eats up all my attention and the projects die.

Anyway this time I have decided to try and do a bit of project management to help me keep going. I have gone for the ‘sticky/post-it note’ method, breaking each small task into small notes and having them posted on the wall.


I am hoping that having the notes on a wall I see multiple times daily will nag me enough to keep working on the app, also having the tasks defined should help me stay focused enough to build the application. Only time will tell……..


Hey all, another quick update! Been busy with work so have not had much time to do any articles or blogs lately and looks like it is going to get more hectic. Have managed to change it up a bit on here though! Gone are the adverts from Google, they were not making much cash and really did not server much purpose. Also changed the theme to the default WordPress 3.5.1 theme as it is clean and fits mobile devices very nicely.

Apart from that have been helping my good friend Nick get his website re-branded to Monster Editing by sorting out his DNS, Mail and hacking a bit of css.

Looking forward to Linux Outlaws Live (or LOL) on February 17th in Liverpool, if you are about then you should check out the website and get your ticket!

Linux Outlaws

Next time I should have a review of the Devil May Cry reboot, currently playing through the story mode. The “new” Dante is different, his attitude is abrasive and is taking some time to get use to, he is like an angry Nero ( DMC4 ) but a bit more foul mouthed. Only half way through but the story so far has grabbed me as good as any other DMC game/anime. Also the fast switching weapon system takes some getting used to but certainly adds an extra edge to action.


Stay safe until next time! Tony.


Hello and welcome to! Finally managed to get the time sort out the design and some of the features, but there is still loads more to come! I will be putting up an ‘About’ page as soon as I get the chance, until then you can follow me on twitter @apjone or on Google+.

I guess I have to give a shout out to TeamGB who are currently 3rd in the Olympic medals table! Great work guys and girls! Proud to see the effort they are putting in. Also a big shout to everyone working at the Games, so far bar a couple of technical issues it has been a great event.

Got to laugh, I am actually writing this post in HTML in Open Office Writer as to ensure my spelling is correct, my custom.dic has the entire HTML tag library in it now! Hoping to get a few regular features on the go with this blog section of such as round ups of the current tech news, tutorials and reviews. For now though you can check out our Nagios Monitoring Service or our Shortlink service with QR Codes.

Well that is all for now, but please check back soon! And as ever to keep up with the latest things I am working on you can check out my twitter or G+ !

Thanks, Tony!

Quick Update

Hi All! Just working on a new site layout. If your looking for the short link tool there is a link on the top bar. Please stand by while I get the rest of the site setup. Thats all for now!