Cheap Ass Active Directory Reader or CAADR for short is a PHP webtool for reading Microst Active Directory. It was written with the sole purpose of learning how to use PHP to grab values from Active Directory and made public as I though it may be of use to someone. Get the latest version now!

1. Copyright and disclaimer
This application is open source software and is released AS IS as
the software is currently in alpha testing.

2. Changelog
This is a changelog for CAADR, including beta and release
candidate versions. Our thanks to all those people who’ve contributed
bug reports and code fixes.

——————– 0.0.5 Alpha ——————
[000020] RELEASE: CAADR 0.0.5 Release
[000019] Feature: Added easy way to add custom attributes to user info, will work in a web
frontend for this for version 0.0.6
[000018] General: Allot of the base code has been cleaned up and comments added
[000017] Feature: Complete revamp of GUI

——————– 0.0.4 Alpha ——————

[000016] RELEASE: CAADR 0.0.4 Release
[000015] Bug Fix: Time out at login on some php builds due to missing ldap_search() variable
[000014] Feature: Added Password Expirey Status

——————– 0.0.3 Alpha ——————

[000013] RELEASE: CAADR 0.0.3 Release
[000012] Bug Fix: Fixed version number on footer
[000011] Bug Fix: Help link in foote now works

——————– 0.0.2 Alpha ——————

[000010] RELEASE: CAADR 0.0.2 Release
[000009] Bug Fix: Fixed OU webpage adding escapes to text file on write
[000008] Genral: Added “sort” to ldap query
[000007] General: Added “Return to Top” button at end of results
[000006] General: Cleaned up various bits of code
[000005] General: New Setup page for both config & OU Search Paths
[000004] Security: Added user logon box
[000003] General: UI Re-write, cleaner and less blue
[000002] Bug Fix: Stopped page jumping to top when user info is clicked

——————– 0.0.1 Alpha ——————

[000001] Initial Alpha Releas

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